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Reel Amethyst Mine

This world class Amethyst mine was owned at one time by Tiffany & Co. The mine has been closed to collectors for a number of years until the MAGMA rock hound organization negotiated this dig.

The main pit could accommodate only about half of the rock hounds that showed up. Fortunately the diggers were allowed  to dig in the surrounding woods and some nice finds were made.
An impressive amount of dirt was moved around.

I was able to dig in the Saprolite and removed crystals right from the vein.
Looking for the yellow clay in the quartz veins.

Something is in there

Another one.

Nice cluster, a little bit smokey.

The first two days the vein gave up about 20 clusters of crystals, quarter size and larger, but...
Nothing lasts forever.

My camera is not working properly after the dig so I will post some photos of the cleaned up material as soon as I can.


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